I am a Fundraiser

If you were at Fundraising Convention last week you might have spotted the latest promotional video campaign from the .

The 1 minute 36 second animated video was played before the plenaries, and sets out to explain what fundraisers do and why. It also gives a sense of what drives fundraisers and keeps them going.

“When I see something that isn’t right I can’t just walk past it” says the voiceover. “I’m the kind of person that wants to change it, even when it seems impossible”.

“I decided to make a career out of making a difference. I am a fundraiser”.

The fundraiser in the video adds that “fundraising is harder than ever, so that means I have to be better than ever”.

She adds that she is fortunate to have had support during her career, as a member of the Institute of Fundraising. Through the membership body she has not only learned a great deal but she has also helped other fundraisers.

Look closely and you’ll spot references to the #ProudFundraiser, #BestYouCanBe and #FirstFiver campaigns that the Institute launched or supported.

Excellent fundraising

“Together we are raising our game as fundraisers” she adds. “We are making sure the public knows what excellent fundraising looks like”.

She concludes with an optimistic “Bring it on!”, adding “we are the Institute of Fundraising and together we are championing excellent fundraising for a better world”.

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