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Why Choose NL?

Because we ensure that all our candidates are thoroughly assessed and prepared for the interview, you can be sure that they are an appropriate fit for your organisation and the role’s requirements. Likewise, if you’re a candidate, we take the time to understand which companies you would enjoy working for and which jobs you would excel at.

So how can we deliver this superior service? At NL Recruitment all of our account managers are experienced professionals in understanding the needs and requirements of both clients and candidates resulting in matching exceptional candidates to the right positions quickly and accurately.

We are a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation with exceptional quality of service that we provide to continually exceed our Clients and Candidates expectations.

So whether you’re looking for the right professional for your organisation, or the opening that will kick-start your career, contact us via the contact sheet and a consultant will get back to you as soon as possible to fulfil your needs! (edited)

We get to know you

We’ve partnered with a number of charities and have built amazing relationships with them over the years. The same goes for our candidates.

We save you time

We find, match, place and train. We're really, really good at it, and we follow it up with impeccable aftercare.

Awesome people

We’re accredited by the PFRA and the Institute of fundraising, they think we’re awesome too, so you’re in good company.

Candidate matching

We match every candidate to your requirements, we teach them about your charity, your objectives and your philosophy.

Email us today at info@nl-recruitment.com
to find skilled people who share your charity’s vision

Handpicked & matched to you

Every candidate we send to you has the passion and potential to make a difference for your charity. Not only do we take the time to learn your mission and values but we also sit down with them and find out what makes them tick and also what they’re capable of.

It’s then simply a case of introducing you to those who naturally embody your beliefs and have the talent to achieve your fundraising goals.

Street Fundraiser
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“They're a great team, always striving to deliver excellent candidates for us and if there is ever a problem they are happy to tackle it head on."

Mark Carter-Nesbitt, MD

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“They make the effort to understand the business needs and culture of an organisation, enabling them to continuously provide high calibre applicants."

Sonia Thaneja, Listen Fundraising