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Frequently Asked Questions from Candidates

How much does it pay?

All of our clients offer a basic hourly rate (anything between £6.69-8.55 per hour) and some client's have bonuses on top of this. You'll have a performance based review at the end of a 3 month probation period where you can also look at getting a payrise.

Is it commission only?

No! All of our client's have a basic hourly rate.

Is it temporary?

Yes but only while on your probation period. After your 3 month probation period you will have a review and look at being taken on permanently by the client.

Reasons why applicants succeed to secure an interview with us

  • Tone of voice
    You need to sound upbeat, warm and friendly when applying to be a telephone fundraiser.
  • Articulation and pronunciation
    Reading from a script is a big part of the role but also being able to articulate off-script as well.
  • Abundance of confidence
    You will be asking people for donations, this takes confidence and resilience.
  • Positivity, passion and enthusiasm
    Fundraising is about connecting to people and inspiring them to want to support a cause.

Common reasons why candidates are unsuccessful for Telephone Fundraising roles

  • Unable to follow script based work
    Reading from a script is not just about being able to read. It's about delivering the words with connection and meaning behind what you're saying. Take your time, be expressive with your vocal tone and really connect to what you are talking about!
  • Lack of confidence
    Inability to interact, show enthusiasm or are withdrawn or shy.
  • Lack of vocal authority
    These vacancies are target based positions. You will need resilience and the ability to keep a positive outlook.

If you think you have what it takes to work in a fun and engaging company raising money for charity? Email NL today at

Why candidates choose NL?

We are a multi award winning company and also accredited by and a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. The exceptional quality of service we provide continually exceeds our Clients and Candidates expectations which is why we are the number one recruitment service provider in the charity sector.

We take the time to understand our candidates requirements and learn which companies you would enjoy working for and which jobs you would excel at.

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